What our Customers say...



I was recently helped through a difficult move by one of your teams.  The team of Jeremy, Jordan, Christian, and Harley showed up right on time at the beginning of our scheduled start window and we immediately got to work.  The professionalism and attitude of your team you sent over is single handedly responsible for turning what has been a very trying month into an outstanding day.

Throughout the entire day, your team was a perfect balance of a joking, fun atmosphere alongside a true care and respect for my stuff.  At no point in time did I feel (as you do with so many moving companies) like these guys were in a rush to get my stuff in and out so they could leave.  Instead, the guys truly treated each item as if it were their own.  Jordan and Christian did much of the heavy lifting out of the unit and went slowly and carefully with every single item.  Harley and Jeremy were with me in the garage vacuuming and spraying and again: every single item was carefully inspected on all sides including top and bottom.

The result of this effort by your team was that from shortly after they arrived until the time they left, I was in high spirits and motivated to work hard alongside them.  You have 4 truly outstanding employees on your hands here, and I hope they understand how much their effort meant to me.

If there is anything I can do to help show my appreciation for them beside writing this email, let me know!

Thank you, and thank you to Christian, Jeremy, Harley, and Jordan.  You guys are truly the best!!!


I wanted to reach out to you and thank you and your team for taking care of us so well throughout the flood ordeal. You responded quickly to addressing the water damage in our home and you took great care packaging and then returning our furniture and home goods. We have around 15 boxes left to unpack of the 130 or so you returned and so far only one dinner bowl was broken. Remarkable.


Hopefully we will not need your services in the future, but should we, we will not hesitate to contact you again. We will also pass on your name to friends and family who find themselves in the same circumstances.

Thank you to the team at SERVPRO that worked at my house in December and March.  Your team made a stressful time not so stressful.  Thank you. 


Thank you so much for the excellent job that you did for our house.  The workers were amazing!! It was such a blessing to know that while the fire could have been much worse, your company was sensitive to what we were going through and did everything to get our house back to the way it was.

We have already spoken very highly of your company to everyone who asked about what happened.  Thank  you for caring and serving.  The name of your company is completely appropriate.