Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold Growth Inside Wall After Pipe Leak in Plano, Texas

This home in Plano, Texas experienced mold growth inside their wall after a slow pipe leak.  When it was discovered, both water mitigation and mold remedia... READ MORE

Mold Affected Leather Remediated in Dallas, Texas

This leather horse saddle was affected by mold when it's storage location experienced a water damage.  While our field crews mitigated the customer's water... READ MORE

Laundry Pipe Leak Causes Mold in Plano, Texas

A laundry room pipe leak caused mold damage in this Plano, Texas home.  The source of the leak was found in between walls and required both water mitigatio... READ MORE

Water Heater Leak Leads to Mold in Plano, Texas

This attic water heater had a slow leak which lead to mold growing in the studs above.  When the homeowner noticed a water spot on the ceiling below and ca... READ MORE

Water Spot with Mold in Dallas Home

A slow roof leak resulted in a wet ceiling for this Dallas, Texas homeowner.  When a water spot began to grow on the ceiling, the customer realized he had ... READ MORE

Mold in Bedroom in Dallas, TX

A small leak in the adjoining bathroom resulted in mold spreading to this customer’s bedroom.  The mold spread behind the walls from one room to the ... READ MORE

Bathroom Mold in Dallas, TX

A small, unnoticed leak behind the toilet eventually led to mold in this customer's bathroom.  The leak wasn’t noticed until a water spot appeared on... READ MORE

Restored Mold Affected Boots in Ovilla, Texas

Mold grew over these boots after they were affected by a water damage in Ovilla, Texas.  While our mitigation team took care of the water damage to our cus... READ MORE