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Thank You for 32 Years!

12/22/2017 (Permalink)

Community Thank You for 32 Years! Billy and Mary Weaver, 1986

Our franchise was started 32-years ago as a family owned and operated business. We still are to this day. Back then, we had one service -- carpet cleaning. Today, we offer seven core services, and we're preparing for more in the upcoming year. 

The past 32-years haven't had a dull day. In the emergency restoration industry, we simply never know what will happen. From a water damage at a large business or a fire at a home to a major storm hitting a portion of our country, we have to always be ready when our phone rings. 

This past year, our office traveled to Rockport and Houston to help with the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, and we spent nearly three months working for those who called for our help. Communities there continue to recover. We'd like to acknowledge the strength of our fellow Texans as they rebuild, and we'd also like to thank other SERVPRO franchises, restoration companies, and volunteers from around the United States as they helped our fellow Texans. 

2017 was a busy year for our franchise. We saw our SERVPRO family grow. Our team has many new faces, and our seasoned employees are mentoring a new generation. Our employees come from all walks of life with a unified purpose--to help. Our technicians have responded to calls at every hour of the day, during all holidays, without complaint. We always say that it takes a unique person to work in our industry and enjoy themselves. The jobs are not always pleasant to see (or smell), but if the spirit of stewardship lives strong in that person, they can always perform their work and be satisfied in having helped. Those are the people our franchise has hired.

We are grateful for our employees and customers, and we look forward to a happy and safe 2018. Thank you for 32 years, Ellis County.  We look forward to many more. 

Fun During Career Day at Maple Lawn Elementary

4/20/2017 (Permalink)

Community Fun During Career Day at Maple Lawn Elementary 4th Grade Teacher at Maple Lawn Elementary Trying Out Personal Protective Equipment

We had a blast with the Rockets during College and Career Day at Maple Lawn Elementary in Dallas, Texas.  SERVPRO of North Irving spent the morning talking to the school’s 4th grade classes about the types of experiences SERVPRO technicians experience in the field.

“We talked about fire and water damages and what might cause each of those,” explained Michael Weaver, owner of SERVPRO of North Irving.  “The kids talked about natural disasters causing water damages, including tsunamis in Asia.  I was really impressed with their depth of knowledge.”

Since our office is also Texas State certified to perform mold remediation, that topic was brought up, too.  “Mold is that stuff on old cheese,” one student said.

“And the pizza my brother once left in his room for a week,” another added.

When we took out some personal protective equipment and asked for volunteers to put it on, a lot of hands went up--including the teacher’s.  As the students giggled when their teacher put on a full kit, other student volunteers also put on smaller pieces of the equipment.  With cries of Fight the Mold! and Ghostbusters! everyone was ready to go to work.

“Ultimately, we just wanted to remind the kids to stay safe,” said Michael. “It was a really fun day for us, and we hope to be invited back.”

“The Weavers are amazing to volunteer their time and talents to come to speak to our students on College and Career Day,” said Stacy Owens, Counselor at Maple Lawn.  “They are passionate advocates for SERVPRO and their integrity is evident.  I would trust them with any clean-up that I may need in the future.”

Our 30-Year Anniversary: Thank You, Ellis County

12/2/2016 (Permalink)

Community Our 30-Year Anniversary: Thank You, Ellis County Billy and Mary Weaver months before opening SERVPRO of Ellis County in 1986.

We opened our doors December of 1986.  Back then, our owners were expecting their son; he turns 30-years-old himself in a few months and now co-owns this business.


This place has changed in three decades.  We started cleaning carpets with our two original owners.  Today, our range of services has grown to include water and fire damages, mold remediation, restoration, cleaning such as biohazards, soft contents, and, yes, still carpet, but with much more modern machinery.  


Even with our growth, our first dollar made hangs in a frame in our entrance hallway. Our first check received, also for $1.00, is nearby.  It's important for us to remember where we started and retain our humility.


SERVPRO of Ellis County is an independently run, family owned business, and the values we hold continue to drive out daily operations.  Our goal is to provide service of the highest quality to our clients in their time of need.  A vital component to our first class service comes from our employees. Our technicians and managers are always trained in the latest restoration and reconstruction techniques, and they have a passion for helping clients put their homes and businesses back together after an emergency situation.  Without our employees, our business simply wouldn't be what it is.  Over the years, they too have become part of our family.


It's been a great adventure so far, and we haven't done it alone.  


To the thousands of clients that have given us the opportunity to restore their homes and businesses, thank you.


To our employees that helped us grow our business, thank you.  


We appreciate your support more than we can express in words.


We're grateful to have been part of the Ellis County community for the past 30 years, and we hope to continue making it "Like it never even happened" for many more.