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How Mold Grows

1/17/2018 (Permalink)

How Mold Grows

When a homeowner or commercial property manager finds mold, they often want to get rid of it as soon as possible.  When our mold specialists arrive to inspect the property, we’re often asked:

  • Is mold dangerous?
  • How quickly can you get rid of the mold?
  • How will you get rid of the mold?
  • How did the mold get there when the wet spot was way over here?

Is Mold Dangerous?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mold may cause a variety of health effects in some individuals and none in others.  People sensitive to molds may have nasal stuffiness, coughing, and eye and skin irritation.  People with mold allergies can have more severe reactions.

How Quickly Can You Get Rid of Mold?

Mold is a natural part of our environment and cannot be completely removed.  Companies who make the claim to be able to fully remove your environment of mold simply can’t.  Instead, we can remediate mold growth to help the levels of mold in your property be safe for its inhabitants.  How quickly we can remediate your mold depends on its size.  Texas requires a licensed mold contractor to remediate your mold, which SERVPRO of Ellis County is. 

  • If your mold is smaller than 25 contiguous square feet, the mold does not need to be reported to Texas and we can begin remediation immediately.  
  • If the mold is more than 25 contiguous square feet, then the mold must lawfully be filed to be remediated with Texas; the remediation process will, therefore, take about 5 days longer as the documentation is processed.

Either way, our mold specialists will walk you through the mold remediation process and make sure your property is taken care of.

How Will You Get Rid of the Mold?

Our first step when remediating a mold is to set up containment.  We do this to prevent the spread of mold spores to other parts of your home.  Mold is very small, sometimes smaller than a pinhead, and can spread through the air when it’s disturbed.  When the affected has been contained, then we use other techniques to either clean the area or remove the damaged mold-affected structure.  If there is affected clothing, we can transport it back to our cleaning facility and clean that clothing in a specialized machine.

How Did the Mold Get Over There When The Wet Spot Was Over Here?

Mold grows is a dark, warm, and moist environment.  We find it often at and near sources of small water leaks that hadn’t been detected until a water spot presented itself or a homeowner began to experience symptoms of mold sensitivity.  When mold is disturbed, it flies through the air and lands somewhere else, where it can continue to grow if the right environment is present.  Mold can also enter into a home from the outdoors through doorways, windows, the air conditioning system, and even cling to your pet’s fur.  For more information, read our article Where Mold Hides.

Free, No Obligation Mold Assessments

SERVPRO of Ellis County has over 30 years of experience mitigating water, fire, and mold damages.  We are a Texas licensed mold contractor and respond 24/7 every day of the year.  Call us.  We offer free, no obligation mold assessments, and we’re ready to help.

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